Astreas Domains - Via Astralis (CD 2008. Cali)

Astreas Domains appears in 1998 with another name, Eminence. a Trash Black Metal Band. with three members. Hagall (Vocal,Guitar), Vintrax (Drums), Cedano (Bass). This band released an underground Promo Tape called Sublime Devastation, with three tracks of bestial Trash Black Metal. At 2000 Eminence got a new style, which includes keyboards sounds in its music also another three members joined in at this time. Eminence finished about the middle of 2002, and the six members started other remarkable projects. Vintrax (Drums): (MEPHISTOPHELES), Old School Black Metal. Tempestario (Keyboards): (ESBAT), Doom and Trash Black Metal. Inferus (Vocal): (UTUK-XUL), Holocaust Black Metal. Cedano (Guitar): (IMPREKATOR), Pure fucking Black Metal, and Hagall (Guitar): (ASTREAS DOMAINS) New symphonic and melodic Black Metal. At the beginning of 2003 Hagall and Drako (Keyboards) started Astreas Domains, with a new Black Metal style that includes Eminence influences. With hunting Keyboards and dark melodies, becoming a majestic and gloomy symphony. After spent a lot time looking for the dream line up finally four granted guys were found and so the the Band was ready.

Next Astreas Domains released the first Promo Demo (2003-2004) called Land Of The Ritual which include two excellent tracks and intro: 1- Midnight Chant , 2- Almighty Cosmic Battle. There be can hear the extreme, authentic and powerful sound of the band. Toward the end of the 2005 and beginning of 2006 Astreas Domains records a song called The Blackest Storm and in 2006-2007 records another track ( the Brath of Gods) The two news tracks are now in the Land Of The Ritual Cd , (4 tracks total).

Lista de temas:

1. Intro
2. Darkness Blood
3. Legion
4. Holocaust
5. Dark Entity
6. Blackest Storm
7. The Shadows Attack
8. Final Ceremony
9. Ad Astrum Per Oscura


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